Q&A: Beneteau Grand Trawler 62

Q&A: Beneteau Grand Trawler 62

Want to learn more about the Grand Trawler 62? Ready our Q&a grand trawler below

What are the key differences between a trawler and other luxury motor yachts? And key benefits?

Rather than looking at as key differences in a physical sense, we tend to view trawlers compared to our other motorboats as a lifestyle change. People look to get on a trawler, most of the time as a couple, as a family, for a sense of adventure. A trawler is a boat made for exploring, with an abundance of space, they are made to be home at sea.

What makes clients choose a Beneteau over other luxury trawlers?

Beneteau is the world-leading boat building company for a reason. With proven Beneteau boats have been shown to retain their value over time better than any other brand of boats on the water. With an expansive dealer network, you can really be confident in not only the boat but the dealer that you purchase with to support you through the process. With over 1000+ communities of long-distance trawlers on the market, you know you are in trusted hands.

What are some of the signatures or hallmarks of Beneteau trawlers?

Expansive space. Safe passage maker. Great cruising range.

How would you describe the Grand Trawler 62? Can you sum it up in a few sentences? The GT62 inhibits the spirit of adventure. She is your ideal long-distance cruiser that has a focus on spacious living areas and focuses on making you feel reassured at sea.

Where does the Grand Trawler 62 sit within the Beneteau trawler range? The Grand Trawler is the Flagship of the Beneteau Trawler range. This new release cements the Beneteau trawler range in the boating community.

How does the Grand Trawler compare to previous Beneteau trawlers? Any areas of evolution/innovation? As a long-distance cruiser, the Grand trawler further builds upon Beneteau ability of efficiency and cruising range when on the water. She boasts an exceptional cruising range of 900 nautical miles with 10% fuel reserve and at a cruising speed of 9 knots. Fitted with two MAN i6 730 hp engines, she is optimised for adventure, with reserve power to reach 20 knots when required. You will find the Grand Trawler 62 is 35% more efficient and economical at her optimum hull speed of 9 knots than a conventional planning hull

What are the top 5 key features and selling points of this boat? 

  • Cruising range of 900 nautical miles
  • 31sqm flybridge space makes it one of the largest in its class
  • 9m swim platform
  • Two-metre headroom in all cabins
  • Made in Italy

What is the initial response you have had from customers to this model? 

Everyone is wowed by the luxury finishes and abundance of space and natural light on board. They can see that Beneteau has really understood the brief of making it home on the water. She is truly comfortable.

Have you had many customers transition from other luxury motor yachts to trawlers? If so, why? What is the appeal of owning a trawler? 

These days, it is a real luxury to have time…time for a family cruise, experiencing the joy of far-off places, adventures shared in complete tranquillity. Trawlers are never normally at the forefront of our customer’s minds, however, this new 62 redefined is what you would expect from a trawler.  

In your mind, who are the types of buyers too who this yacht will most appeal? What kind of cruising would they be looking to do with this boat? 

She is ideal for slow cruises, favouring introspection on top of getting away from it all or leisure activities.

How well suited are Beneteau trawlers to the Australian and NZ lifestyle and waters? Any key features to highlight there?    The Trawler is made for exploring the coast of Australia. With its amazing fuel economy, you can travel far and wide at ease.  Considering the Australian lifestyle of entertaining, you can expect large social spaces.

Can you talk to us about the interiors of this boat, what are some of the most uniquely appealing elements? And features that you think clients will be most attracted by? 

The impressive 31 square metres of flybridge space makes it one of the largest on this site is a good place to start. With a large U-shaped sofa, it provides space for eight guests around the table. It has the additional features of a fitted wet bar facing the guests and ample space to relax. Interior wise, you can expect a full-beam lounge area, reverse section windshield offering panoramic views and a cutting edge helm station

 How would you describe the furnishings and styling?    

With top quality cabinetwork, supple leather, satin wax finished wood, luxurious cream-coloured textiles, the choice of trims is a reflection of soft whispered European design. The midship owner suite makes clever use of the maximum beam so that you really feel like you are staying in a hotel suite.

Can you talk to us a little about the tech and power behind both these models? What are some of the key features/elements it has in this regard? [Could be to do with the motors, driving system, lifestyle tech on board]    

The Grand Trawler 62 have a distinctive displacement hull, developed by MICAD with the aim of improving their cruising range and efficiency. Alongside this, the Grand Trawler will feature new Seanapps technology from Beneteau. The mobile app and its onboard smart box on the Grand Trawler 62 let you track your boat’s condition, plan maintenance operations and access the integrated maintenance logbook 24/24.

We’ve seen a first look at the Swift 48 Trawler, which was recently announced. Can you talk to us a bit about this boat and what you’re excited about/what’s unique about it? 

Adding to the continuation of the Beneteau Trawler range, this mid-range boat has a striking profile, due to its incorporation of the Grand Trawlers design features. We are excited that it is just as impressive as the GT62 with its range. With 1930 litres of fuel onboard you can expect a range of +600nm at 9 knots displacement speed. While Swift Trawler DNA is focused on comfortable & economic cruising – the standard pair of Cummins QSB 6.7 litre 380hp engines allows a top speed of 21 knots with the upgrade 425hp engines giving a top speed of 25 knots.

To learn more about Beneteau’s Trawler range get in touch with your local boat dealer Sundance Marine on 1300 550 089.x

Read more on Beneteaus website here

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