Beneteau Antares 8 Fishing in Nautilus Marine Magazine

Beneteau Antares 8 Fishing in Nautilus Marine Magazine

Welcome to the world of boating!

Whether you're a seasoned pro or just starting out, we've got all the information you need to stay safe and enjoy your time on the water. In this blog post, we'll be taking a look at the Beneteau Antares 8 Fishing edition as reviewed by Nautilus Marine Magazine.

For anyone thinking of buying a boat, it's important to do your research and get as much information as possible before making a decision. Nautilus Marine Magazine is one of Australia's leading authorities on all things boating, so their review of the Antares 8 Fishing edition is well worth taking a look at.
In this article, we'll take a look at some of the key points raised in the review, including performance, features and comfort.

Beneteau are well known for their quality yachts and motor yachts, but many people wouldn’t associate the brand with a everyday fishing vessels. Would you agree? What design signatures from Beneteau’s luxury yachts translate into the Antares 8?  

Beneteau has previously offered the Barracuda for those that were looking for a fishing vessel, but now they have redeveloped the Antares 8 to suit those looking for a comfortable fishing boat. You can except the quality finish and well thought out boat design you can expect from French built Beneteau shipyard.

Talk to us about the Antares 8.How would you sum up this boat for readers for readers?

The Antares range has recently undergone a redevelopment to bring more joy to lovers of the range. A new major feature is the starboard side gate, which will allow owners to dock the boat more easily and will allow keen fishers to bring their large catches onboard. There are wide platforms flush with the deck which provides for safe boarding and can be used as a swim platform. Another new feature is the widened starboard walkway to allow for easy access around the boat to the bow, where a roomy sunbathing area is placed.

Where does this model sit within, and compare to, the rest of the Beneteau range?

Recently the Antares range has been redefined to further meet our clients requirements and requests. The A8 Fishing is a new release, with a fishing Antares 7 also now available. The Antares range is well-known for their cosy interiors and level of equipment, making them a joy to own and a best seller range for weekend cruisers and now fishing.

How long has Sundance Marine been importing these models for?

We’ve been around since the 1970s so we have experience with importing Beneteau boats for many years now!

I understand there are two configurations available? One more designed towards fishing, the other cruising. Will Sundance Marine be offering both so? If so talk us through the options – if not just give us details on the fishing model.

That is correct, at Sundance we will be offering both models to suit our clients requirements. The two versions available is the ‘Cruising’, with its sleek and contemporary profile for onboard comfort and conviviality, and ‘Fishing’, with its sporty feel and which has everything fishing enthusiasts need. There are subtle differences for example the aft bench on the A8 cruising has been replaced by a fishing station with professional-grade rod holders.

What type of customer do you see the Antares 8 appealing to?

Now with the option to choose the option between the standard cruising version and the fishing it truly does open the Antares range to a larger audience. We have always modified our Antares to suit fishers, but now this fishing edition really takes it up the next step.

Do you anticipate strong customer interest? What reception have you already had from customers tothis boat? What are customers most drawn to?

We have already sold two of the fishing editions

What are the top 5 key selling points of the Antares 8?

-       Top speed of up to 35knots

-       Can sleep up to 5 people onboard

-      Tulip-shaped hull design

-      Fishing station with fishbox

-      Roof racks

Can you talk us some of the specific features that will also appeal to serious fishing lovers.

TheAntares 8 Fishing really has a focus on the details all serious fisherman need.It has an open cockpit that makes it easier to move around the boat. The rear benchseat is replaced by a fishing station that comes with professional-graderod holders. In addition to the recirculating live well tank, this Fishing version also has three storage compartments under the cockpit sole, one of which can take a fish box.

What types of boating do you imagine people doing on the Antares 8 fishing edition? Does it offer the flexibility for comfortable day cruising as well as serious fishing?

If your more of the avid fisherman, but you want to take your friends and family out for the weekend you will be surprised at how truly comfortable the A8 is. As the principles are based off the successful Antares cruiser, you can expect the same level of comfort.  

Is this a great boat for entertaining family and friends for the day? What types of leisure activities do you imagine people doing on this boat?

With a roof rack up on the roof the A8 is made for lesiure.  You can store all their leisure equipment, such as kayak’s paddle board or even some bikes if planning to head ashore! From sunbathing with its large sunbed, or table setup you can entertain friends with ease, and now with the fishing edition you can go for a serious fishing trip too!

Can you talk to us about the finishes and fixtures. What are some of the most uniquely appealing elements?

The innovation to have a factory fitted option of a 12-inch display used to survey fishing grounds at the rear roof way really cements the A8 Fishing edition as a fishing boat.

How well is this boat suited to the Australian and NZ lifestyle and waters?

The Antares 8 handles well in diverse situations so is perfect for relaxing with family and friends on the water or even for getting away for a few days. Being able to offer both a cruising and fishing version, it really allows our clients to get the boat that suits them best!

Let’s talk about performance. How does it stack up in terms of performance?

TheAntares 8 retains the tulip-shaped hull design that is the flagship feature of the Antares range, making this a boat that has excellent stability on the water and handles well in all conditions. Reaching a top speed of 35 knots, she can get you across the bay in no time. She is powered with Suzuki 250hp as standard. 

What are some of the key optional upgrades and extras that you anticipate buyers fitting to their boat? Or which doyou recommend?

For the avid fishers we would recommend adding a search spotlight in the rear and a LED light at the front provide better night visibility, and rod holders can be fitted aswell as a 12-inch display to survey fishing grounds, making this the perfect fisherman’s friend! 

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